A Walk In The Park

My husband and I had to be in Ithaca for an appointment last week.  The weather was warm but overcast and we had some free time before we had to head home, so we found a walking trail.  We really enjoy walking and hiking so we were happy to have the chance to take a trail that was new to us.  Here is a link to the map of the trail.  It was in Cass Park. Map


From where we parked you could go either right or left. We chose to go right and that way went under two bridges as you can see in the picture above. This trail is right in the middle of the city but there weren’t very many people on it. Probably because of the weather.

To the right of this first bridge stands a cement pillar that is part of the bridge and has a light in the top of it.  I had to take a picture of it because of the vine that had grown it’s way around and around the pillar. It has little clusters of purple berries that looked almost like grapes on it.


Of course the picture doesn’t do it justice, but you can see what I mean. I thought it looked so beautiful.


After coming out from under the bridges and rounding a slight corner we saw this view. Notice that every one of the lights along the path are solar powered.  It took us maybe 20 minutes to go the distance, and you can see the end of the trail in the picture, and while we were on our way back we had a visit by some ducks crossing the path to get into the water. I took a short video of them with my cell phone but because it was windy that day all you can hear is wind blowing.


When we got back to the car we saw that the water was used by others too. The local rowing club was practicing and I snapped a quick photo of them.

20160421_161319-2 (1)

My husband said the other “boat” looked like someone made it out of an old snowmobile.:-)

Well that was our walk in Ithaca. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Until next time…..

Have a lovely day!

Sally Ann


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