Just A Couple Of Old Things

I love old doors so I take pictures of them whenever I can. This photo was taken while on a hike at Watkins Glen on the Gorge Trail.  It was on a building that was near a cemetery so I don’t know if it was used for work tools or what but this building was a two story building and the bottom floor had a door exactly like this one that someone had bashed in so you could see into the room which was totally empty.

The second photo is of an old window that I bought for $5 at a yard sale.  You can see it had hinges on one side and a latch of some sort on the other.  This side is crackled old pink paint with green showing through the cracks.  The other side has a beige color paint.  I love the glass in it and the fact that it looks old. I have plans to clean it up and hang it somehow in my bathroom window.  It is just the perfect size for that.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my photos and it would be so awesome if you would share some photos of neat old things or yard sale finds too.

Until next time, have an awesome and blessed day!



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