Sneak Preview

Newest wool sweater for mittens 2016

I bought this wool sweater at a thrift store on a hot summer day in July because I saw the potential that beautiful print had for becoming some beautiful mittens. And as you can see I was right!


I love how these turned out.  I was contemplating on whether to add some little lace flowers to them somewhere, but after talking it over with my “staff”, my sister and I conversed, I decided it would not be the best idea.  The colors are very different from one photo to the other but the bottom photo shows the more accurate color.

The palm section of these mittens are a solid brown and blue wool which was taken from other sweaters that I have in my stash.  They fit my hands perfectly and my hands measure 7 1/2″ long by 4″ wide.  These mittens do have some stretch to them but you wouldn’t want them to be too snug fitting. Oh, and they are completely lined in a soft warm fleece. They will be for sale in my shop soon.

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak.  And until next time, have an awesome and blessed day!



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