Top Re-Do

I love re-purposing!  I’m sure you can guess that from the name of this blog. 🙂  I have the most fun re-purposing my own clothes, mainly tops, into long flow-y tunics.  I have been inspired to do this from seeing the adorable tops that Farm House Frocks have in their stores.  I would LOVE to own one or a dozen of them, but I don’t have it in my budget right now, so I will have fun making frocks of my own from what I have in my closet.

And here is the beginnings of the first re-do I am starting.

Top Re-Do Step #1

The white top used to be a maxi dress.  It is made of cotton and feels like t-shirt material.  I wore it as a maxi last summer and this summer I decided to cut it off just above the knees and wear it as a short dress.  I wore it a couple of times that way but wasn’t happy with it so it has been in my “possibilities for something new” pile for about two months.

The floral fabric under the white is from yet another maxi dress that I used to wear.  It is made of linen.  I love the pink and blue colors of the flowers.  I cut the top off this dress last year to make a long top out of it but never completed it until this year.  But that’s another story……

So anyway, the bottom portion of the dress ended up in my “pfsn” pile also.  And after many days of looking through that pile this summer those two finally came together in my mind.  Now comes the part of the re-do where I measure, and measure again, and cut and pin and sew.  If everything works out I will have a “new” top to wear with my capri leggings.

I have plans to use some of the flowers from the bottom fabric to cover the star and shell motifs on the top to tie the two together.  And I’m thinking maybe I will remove those pockets.  We’ll see.

So until next time, have a blessed day!



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