How to Make Washcloths From a Towel

I love to re-purpose. Anyone who knows me knows that.  So when I needed some new washcloths for the bathroom of course my first thought was not to go to the store and buy some, nope.  So I grabbed an old but in good condition towel from the closet and got to work making some washcloths.

I used a washcloth I had that I liked the size of as a pattern, or you could just measure out on the towel what ever size you would like yours to be. I was able to get three washcloths plus a hand towel out of the towel that I used.  My towel had an embellishment about 3 inches from each end which ran the width of the towel, and I cut that off because fabric was narrower in that area.

It’s important to note here that after marking and cutting out your washcloths you will need to take the pieces outside and shake them vigorously because when you cut terry cloth it leaves a LOT of tiny pieces that will get all over everything if you don’t shake them out.

Then you are ready to take them to the sewing machine.  I have two sewing machines, one is an old Singer that I have had for over 30 years and I was given it by my husbands moms’ aunt.  And the other one is a Brother, which is probably 25 years old.  It has trouble with thick fabrics like terry cloth or denim, so I stitched the washcloths with my Singer.

You need to cut a small square shape out of each corner of your new washcloth so it looks something like this.


You can see it at the bottom of the photo here.  The reason you cut it out is so when you fold the fabric over at the corners it isn’t going to be so bulky to sew.

Then you just fold, and if you want to pin it to keep it place feel free, and stitch all the way around remembering to back stitch a couple of stitches when you begin and when you end to prevent the stitches from possibly coming undone through use.



And you want to be sure to fold the next side over and get it caught in the seam before you get to it. In the photo above I have stopped just far enough away from the next edge to leave room to fold.


And this photo shows me holding the folded edge in place with my finger and then I stitched just far enough to get it caught in the hem before stopping the machine with the needle in the down position, lifting the presser foot up, pivoting the fabric to the right to line it up for the next side, lowering the presser foot down again and continuing on down  to the next corner where you have to do it all over again. When you get to the last corner do a quick back stitch and forward again to secure it.

And here is what my finished washcloth looks like from the front.


And from the back.


Hope that was helpful and I hope it inspires you to re-purpose something of your own. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them if I can.

Until next time, have a blessed day!




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