We finally got to go on a short but fun vacation. The first time in about 10 years.  I think it was high time we did it, don’t you? 🙂

We started by checking out some of the yard sales along the 50 miles of yard sales on Rt. 90 starting in Homer, NY and ending in Montezuma, NY.  We picked it up around Aurora, NY and followed 90 to Montezuma, but it was raining most of the day and we ended up not stopping at too many sales. 😦  Here is a photo of the Aurora Inn from last year when we went to the yard sales. Isn’t it a beautiful building?  We got to go inside for a short time and it is just as beautiful inside. Huge rooms and tall ceilings.


Next we headed to Syracuse to check out Destiny USA.  Anyone ever been there before?  It is such a big mall with so much to see and do.  Here are some photos.

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The first photo is the entrance to the “Amusement Park for the Mind” as they say on their website.  I haven’t been in there yet so I couldn’t tell you what it is like.  But the two photos on the right are of the restaurant Revolutions.  We had a lot of fun in there. They have a bowling alley, electronic gaming area, ping pong tables, pool tables, darts, and it’s also a great restaurant.

The last photo is of the go carts track that is in Destiny.  My husband, brother-in-law, and nephew all raced together on this 1/4 mile track.  They had a blast! And we did too watching them.

Our next stop would be near Lake George, NY to stay the night.  Here is a shot of our room.

First hotel in Lake George area

Kinda messy because this was the next morning as we were getting ready to leave. It was a nice room and they had an outdoor pool, but we never got to take a swim because of the rain. This is also the room where I took a shot of the picture hanging on the wall of a flower because I was invited by Jill at Pink_Petal_Peonies to play along with Saturday Stems on Instagram but had no way of taking a shot of real flowers.  Here is a link to where you can see the photo that I used.

So we headed into the village of Lake George for some sightseeing from the car.  We hadn’t been there since the early 2000’s.  It has changed quite a bit, but they still had the Minne Ha Ha! One of three boats that takes you on a cruise around the lake.

Mini Ha Ha

We left there and headed for Massachusetts.  Our plan was to visit the Aviation mall and then head to Boston. Didn’t make it to Boston but had fun walking around the mall and shopping. We stayed at a Holiday Inn in North Adams, Mass.  It was a 4 star hotel that we got a real good deal on and it was the nicest one we stayed at on the whole trip.  They had an indoor pool, game room, workout room, and it was right in this lovely little town.

the second room we stayed in. Hoiday Inn. The best one of the three. Lake George queensbury

old fire truck in North Adams ny across from holiday inn

old church north adams

Robbie in which mall

I took a shot of the room when we first got there this time so you could see how nice it was before we moved all of our stuff in.  My son is sitting at the table playing on his new tablet he just got for his birthday.  The North Adams’ fire station was right across the road from our hotel and I took a shot of the old fire truck that they had tucked behind the newer ones.  The picture of the beautiful church and the cloudy overcast sky was taken out of our hotel room window. And the last photo was both sons strolling through the mall. That rainy weather stayed with us the entire time and is why we spent so much of the time checking out malls.

We didn’t want to leave but we were on our way to Connecticut, namely Danby, to check out, you guessed it, another mall. Along the way I just had to stop and take some shots of the rolling hills.  So beautiful even without a sunny blue sky.

A shot of the outside entrance to the Danby Fair mall.


And we stopped and had a picnic lunch along the Taconic State Parkway. It is an older 4 lane road that had no shoulders at all so no possible way of pulling off until you came to these little rest stops.  Very cute and peaceful because there was very little traffic along this part of the parkway.

The first shot is of the entrance to the rest stop. And you can see the beautiful stone wall in all three shots that ran the entire length of the rest stop.  My husband and I sat on the stone wall and ate our lunch while the guys chose to sit in the car to eat and then got out to stretch their legs. One of the few times we didn’t have rain, but you can see that sky was promising more.

Our last hotel was a huge disappointment.  It was a Super 8 in Newburgh, NY. Tiny, damp, musty, no view out the window, and did I mention tiny?

third room. super 8, worst room of the three. Newburgh ny

It advertised it could sleep 5 so we thought we would be able to get a roll-away bed so one of the guys could sleep on the double bed and the other could use the roll-away.  All the other hotel rooms we stayed in had 2 queen beds in them which the guys had no problem sharing.  But when we saw this room we were so bummed, only two double beds and hardly enough room to move around them. When I brought up the sleeping of 5 advertisement to the lady at the desk she said that they really needed to get that changed. We couldn’t get a roll-away because the room was too small by law to have that in it. But we could get some extra blankets and one of the guys could sleep on the floor.  Oh YAY!!! Does my sarcasm come through?  So that’s what they did. One slept on extra blankets on the floor, good thing he is slim,  and the other got the bed.  I didn’t care how they chose which one got which as long as they didn’t argue about it.

And the hotel had just switched out all the old tv’s for flat screen tv’s and the hallways were lined with all the older tv’s they had taken out of the rooms.  Okay enough about that.

So from there we headed home and I took a couple shots here and there along the way. This was the Cannonsville Reservoir.

And on the last day of our vacation you can see that the clouds were starting to break up and you could actually see blue sky.  Isn’t that how it goes?  🙂  But we had fun anyway just spending time together as a family.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these photos from our trip and I would enjoy hearing your comments.

Have a blessed day!





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