Top Re-Do #3

I hope you aren’t getting tired of seeing these top re-do’s that I am sharing.  I just am having so much fun doing them that I really enjoy sharing the process with you.  I hope to give you enough information to encourage you to try doing one for yourself or for someone you know who would love to receive one.

My next top re-do starts with this dark purple cotton top that I bought at a thrift store because I loved the color and the style.  But, again it wasn’t as long as I prefer my tops to be.  But that didn’t stop me from buying it because I knew I would find some fabrics to make it the length I wanted it to be. 🙂

You can see the two different fabrics that I chose to add to the blouse.  The light purple in the floral fabric matched the lighter purple in the blouse.  And lace just goes with anything. 🙂

4 cutting line marked with pins

This shows where I marked to cut the lace fabric.  I just measured and pinned where I wanted to cut and cut along the line of pins the entire length of the fabric. I used the folded hem edge of the lace fabric, which used to be a curtain, so I would not have to hem it myself. If your fabric doesn’t have a finished edge that you can use you will have to put a hem in it.

be sure to keep the lace fabric tucked under far enough to ensure it is completely sewn to the floral fabric.

Next I cut a 6″ wide piece off the lavender fabric, which used to be a dress liner, and was lucky enough to be able to use the hemmed edge again. And if you aren’t careful as you sew the two fabrics together they can slip and you will find that you will have a space where you have to go back and sew it again like I did in the picture above.

shot of stitching the gathered fabric to the hemline of the top following the gathered stitch line.

Stitching the gathered sheer floral fabric to the bottom of the blouse and following along the line of gathering stitches so they don’t show on the right side.

Top stitching the seam down on the outside of the fabric.

And then top stitching the floral fabric down on the right side of the blouse.


This is how it looked when I was finished.  See how the seams lay flat where I stitched along them on the right side?  And it took me a minute to realize why I was seeing lace behind the sheer floral fabric.  It is because I am seeing the back of the blouse through the sheer fabric.  Just thought I would add that in case anyone else noticed that.

So here is the finished blouse front and back.


Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope I have inspired you to try to re-purpose on your own.

Have a blessed day!





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