Cut Out And Ready For Stitching


I’ve got a pair of ladies mittens cut out, and a pair baby booties too, ready and waiting to be stitched together and join the others in my shop.

See that adorable little pin cushion in the tea cup?  That was made by Rachael of bachestinks  I bought it last weekend when I went to the Apple Fest in Ithaca. She had some wonderful items in her booth.  I loved the way she had it decorated too.  And she creates by repurposing also, which is great.  So go check out her stuff and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if you find something you love.

I also want to mention that I visited a booth that was selling hairsticks.  I loved what I saw and was drawn in, but I couldn’t help but think that there was any way these would work in my thick curly mass of different length hair.  I was glad to be wrong about that.  Karaline, the owner of this store which is named Two Twigs, was extremely nice and was able to show me in a very short time that not only would they work in my hair, but that I could do it myself at home too.  Plus she has some helpful videos as well, on her Facebook page that show you how to do it yourself.  So I recommend you go check out her page too.  Lots of photos of hairsticks there to drool over.

Until next time have a blessed day.


A Repurposing Twin


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