My New Mug

Hello Friends,

Just wanted to send off a quick update for everyone.  I have been under the weather for most of the past month with one cold after another.  I have gone through winters with little or no colds in the past but this winter has been very different.  So, of course, I haven’t been blogging.  Sorry about that.

I have been busy checking out a lot of wonderful items on Instagram.  Have any of you heard of or do you own any Rae Dunn pottery? This excerpt it straight from her website: (Built entirely by hand, Rae’s work often elicits a physical response, asks to be touched and provides a sense of reassurance that we have our feet on the ground. “In my own way, I am driven to find that balance between expressing something that is deeply meaningful to me, and creating a sense of joy that might quietly touch the lives of others.”)

I had never heard of it before I joined Instagram but it is really big there which got me interested in checking it out for myself.  I found out it was sold at a few different stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods, and lucky for me there is a HomeGoods close to where I live so off I went to see if they had some.

I was happy to find they did but it was only one piece and that was a mug.   Luckily for me, I needed a new mug. And this mug had the word MINE on it so everyone in my house would know who it belonged to.

I love how the mug is not perfectly round and how you can feel the seam where the two ends of the clay were joined together.

Well, that’s all I have time for today.  Hope you enjoyed it and until next time be blessed.




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